Collegiate Ministry

Verb Collegiate Ministries is our college ministry. The different programs listed below this are the different events an classes we offer underneath the umbrella of Verb Collegiate Ministries. The idea behind the ministry is that verb is an action and that is the kind of ministry we want to have here at Calvary. We want to be moving, doing, serving, loving, and whatever else it looks like to imitate Christ. There is a huge decline in the number of students attending church once they graduate from High School. We are trying to slow that statistic down and hopefully reverse it. With Southern Arkansas University Tech just a few miles down the road, our goal is to reach out to the students and meet them where they are. Following God's direction for Verb Collegiate Ministry we offer you an invitation to join us.

The Gathering

College Sunday School Sunday mornings at 10:15 Our Sunday School class is challenging and really pushes the envelope. We don't want our students to simply know the Bible, we want them to live out the Bible. Collide Wednesday nights at 9:00 Our weekly worship service Collide, is designed with College students in mind. We meet at 9:00 for a time of worship and Biblical teaching.


Monday Night at 6:00 P.M (During the semester)

Our weekly Bible Study Collide, is designed with College students in mind. We meet at 6:00 for a time of fellowship and Biblical teaching.